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Friday, March 26, 2010
additional class rule -evil smiley- @ 11:32 PM

First and foremost, TERRARIUMS ROCK!!

Next, the more serious topic, about the additional class rule >:D

Whoever disposes of food items (e.g. sweet wrappers, disposable food boxes etc) into the class dustbins and not the big ones outside, will be fine $2, which will go to the class fund.

Yes, I'm serious.

And if you still do it when nobody is around, well, it's a matter of integrity and conscience, because yes, you can cheat us, but you can never cheat yourself.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010
two thirteen ftw ♥ @ 12:49 AM

anyway, xuan li's post got me thinking -scratches head- the one about our angels making another tee :O

so just some doodles to share...

Mini game: spot the "13"!!

Mini game 2: spot the "213"!! (hint: it's all in the swan)
Monday, March 15, 2010
random @ 8:36 AM

I just realised that 213 is not a prime number ._.""

Oh and check out 213's blog, they're making yet another tee. xD!

Jiayous everyone! This holiday is gonna be (already is) projects and homework, remember to get enough sleep and rest and drink enough water and relax! ^^

xuannie :D


Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Anti-Drug Competition @ 12:51 AM

Hey, so here's the link for the info on the Anti-Drug Essay and Poetry Writing Competition 2010 for Secondary Schools.

Yes, the name is very lor-sor.

LSC tomorrow!! :D


I seriously will not entertain anyone who comes up to me a day before the performance and tell me that you've forgotton to bring your costume or prop or what not. You go and settle that yourself.

Trees, if you forget to make your branch of leaves, or come up with the excuse, whether true or not, that you have no time to make them, I'm sorry that's your problem.

And those people in charge of make-up and face paint/glitter and hair gel and hairspray, if you don't get them in time, don't blame me if we look plain stupid on stage.

Thank you for your kind attention. And please mind my curt-ness.
Sunday, March 7, 2010
the props i'm bringing (: @ 1:32 AM

First things first. Randomness kills~

Pumpkin with side-fringe :O
Unicorn ppl: I was thinking we can carry these horse/unicorn stuffed toys up (:

But the thing is, I only have two ):
aka Pumpkin and Sparkle

Pumpkin and Sparkle emo o.O

Ack. Please tilt head so that die is on top.
This is the props I'm bringing (except die, which is supposed to act as a head)
White bath robe with blue butterfly: Piona's lab coat
Flower girl head thingie: Fairy's halo
Star shaped-thing in right hand: Fairy's wand
Pumpkin and Sparkle: Unicorns
Saturday, March 6, 2010
dear props com.... @ 11:48 PM


*no need to make the unicorns horns since we are making ourselves le (:
unicorns ftw~
Instructions to Unicorns for Making Headgear!! @ 8:04 AM

This is for the unicorns (i.e. me, Ying Tong, Nicole), the steps to making your headgear!! -claps :D-

Materials needed:
1. thin hairband (preferably black)
2. your colour of construction paper (preferably with 2 shades)
3. scotch tape
4. glue
5. scissors
6. cardboard (can use the backings of foolscap paper)
7. paper clips

Draw out the ears on a piece of construction paper.

Fasten the construction paper to the cardboard with paper clips so that it's easier to cut.

Cut the ears out together with the cardboard behind.

Glue the cardboard to the paper.

Do the same for the other ear.

You may want to add some details!! :D

Repeat steps #1-#5 for the horn, which is approximately twice the length of the ears.

Draw in the spirals with a black marker (I used a Zig xD)

#9 *Okay this is the tricky part so pay attention!
Hold the ear to the hairband, at the position you want it to be.
Make sure a small bottom portion sticks out, as shown.

Fold the small portion down, along the countours of the hairband.

Fold it all the way back.

Attach it with scotch tape. You might want to add in more than one round of scotch tape to reinforce it.
Repeat steps #9-#12 for the remaing ear and horn.


Okay yes this is me and my completed masterpiece headgear
han yi speaking in for yan li!! @ 7:00 AM

Okay, people! We seriously need to bring at least 4 pails and 2 scoops!! O:
If not idk how we are gonna bathe okays...
So if you want your lsc to be enjoyable, including your bathtime, BRING AT LEAST 4 PAILS AND 2 SCOOPS
@ 12:06 AM

lol, i feel horrid always posting homework but oh wells ._.

  1. LA Tagging and Commenting on symbols (Due: Term 2 Week 1)
  2. Commonwealth OR/AND Anti Drug Essay (Optional)
  3. Write Theatre Review on TKAM (Optional)
  4. Linear Graph Quiz on Term 2 Week 1
  5. IM Remedial WS (for those that fail the quiz ):)
  6. Math Enrichment/Math Research Stuff (I'm not in either (:)
  7. CL Newspaper Comprehension 6 (Due: Next Mon, 8 March)
  8. Chinese SIA -- 档案 (Term 2 Wk 4-5 [does not apply for WSC people, don't freak out])
  9. Chinese Reading Card and Reviews (Term 3 Wk 9)
  10. Geog Revision WS (Term 2 Wk 1)
  11. History Assignment 4 (Term 2 Wk 1)
  12. Humanities SIA (deadline differs according to consultation results?)
  13. Project work stuff (e.g. Global Issues, Scenario Writing, Greenwave, IvP, etc...)
  14. Prepare for Block Test (in order: Physics, LA, History, Chinese, Math, Geog)
  15. Science Olympiad Assignment (for those who have not done, late)
  16. Read up SMO Lecture XX (can't remember, ahem)
  17. WSC DRAs, debate prep, read resource
  18. Prepare for LSC Drama Task
  19. Think about council nominations (:
  20. Appreciate your deskies and 213!
Some credits given to Ying Tong --
for posting a list of homework there (:

Love, cheryl!

PUBLIC DISTRESS SIGNAL: Did anyone see my PSL badge? :X lost it in the flurry of history play yesterday ):
Friday, March 5, 2010
LSC Drama Costumes @ 2:37 AM

In case you didn't receive, the following is the email I sent to everyone.


This is the list of costumes of what everyone has to bring for the LSC Drama skit, which I took very long to compile, tqvm. Please email/sms me if you have any enquiries.

Hui Ting: Huge glasses (nuclear scientist)
Han Yi: Lab coat (nuclear scientist)
Fiona: bright-coloured shirt (nuclear scientist)
Fiona: dark-coloured pants (nuclear scientist)
Props com: red nose (clown) x1
Etsuko: clothes of clashing colours i.e. purple, bright/fluorescent orange/flashy green/bright yellow etc. (clown)
Li Shuen: black shoes and colourful socks (clown)
Yi Xin: Orange PSL shirt (tiger)
Rachel Wu: dark-coloured pants (tiger)
Rachel Wu: devil clips (tiger)
Shin Yee: black cape (witch)
Props com: black pointed hat (witch) x1
WHOLE CLASS: Broom (witch) *note: somebody please also bring a cauldron
Kellynn: black clothes (witch)
Sabrina, Jia Chun, Props Com: wings (fairies) x1 pair
Nicole, Sabrina, Han Yi: wands (fairies)
Han Yi, Props com: halos (fairies) x2
Ting Ting, Sabrina, Rebecca: dresses (fairies)
Props com: Horns (unicorns) x3
Ying Tong, Nicole, Han Yi: White clothes (unicorns)
Jamie, Shin Yee, Etsuko: white collared shirt (mean scientists)
Ying tong, Yi Xin, Fiona: ties (mean scientists)
Tree people: Green shirt (class tee is fine), dark-coloured pants
Props com: Stalks of leaves, real or fake both fine, as long as real one don't die (trees) x11

Those in bold require the help of the props com, hope it's fine with you. The quantity the props com has to make is written at the end.


Thursday, March 4, 2010
hello world! @ 4:22 AM

I realise it's my first time posting on this blog! :O Because I forgot the username and password and all. Ah. Shall just add myself as an author for easier access.


The first term is almost coming to an end (a.k.a our fifth term together!) and I want to thank you reading this (if you aren't from 213 shoo.) for being my classmate :)

Can't believe we aren't going to be 213 anymore next year.

This is the longest I've ever been with a class so yes. -clears throat- But we still have like half a year left together (taking out holidays and weekends) so let's make the best of it! <3

MOVING ON, MOVING ON! Yan Li's birthday is tomorrow. Quick go get her a present if you haven't (orh horh) and happy birthday in advance ayam! :D

Kay bye.
Ying Tong