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Calendar of Everything 213
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Friday, April 30, 2010

people, you know what?!


Mr Tan, apparently, is not going to Malacca with us. And with Miss Ong not going too! >D

): ): ): hope Mr Tan is kidding ): ): ):

~a sad cheryl.
Thursday, April 29, 2010
:D @ 11:39 PM

yay chinese block test is finally over (:

me and Shin yee are now waiting for guzheng to start in com lab 2 and she is watching Breathe by g-Dragon :D

okay bye
Saturday, April 24, 2010
ET!! @ 2:52 AM

uploaded on YouTube 8D

me and sabrina!! :D And you can hear Rachel Wu in the background!! Actually if I didn't cut off the back, then Rachel Wu's face would be exposed to the world o.o
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
@ 2:26 AM

check out the links!! xD

Saturday, April 17, 2010
@ 4:44 AM

HELLOS! :D I'm back to posting homework cus' I'm majorly stressed ;o

1. Week 9: LA News Broadcast

2. Week 5: CL SIA (omgness)

3. Week 8 Fri: Chem SIA

4. Week 10: Humans SIA

5. Week 6 Mon: Home Economics Coursework

6. Week 8 Tue: Drama Performance Task (Final)

7. Week 7 Mon (public holiday) so Week 6 Fri (i think, to be safe): Math Olympiad AS

Quizzes and Tests
  • Chemical Formula Quiz
  • Geography Quiz on Drawings
  • History Block Test
  • Chinese Block Test
  • Math Block Test
  • Geography Block Test
  • Chem SPA [Week 8]
  • Global Issues Time Trial [only for applicable]
P.S. Good luck to everyone who is going for council interview over these next few weeks!!

xoxo, cheryl :D

Friday, April 16, 2010
:\ @ 3:22 AM

Hmm. Should I change the skin?
Thursday, April 15, 2010
Greenwave @ 5:20 AM

Note from Jam-soh:

hello everyone!

Yes its time to extend your much needed helping hand if you may....hhahas.

Things required:

1) Baking paper
-Greenwave group take note: We can use plastic bags (the small transparent kind) to put inside the mould as well

2) Any mould you do not want. or candle holders.

3) FLOWERS. nice smelling ones. Especially those who actually grow flowers at home or always pass by flowers when you walk home can you please pluck some? or dont pluck, err pick those on the floor BUT not going to rot ones.

4) Pandan leaves! those who grow please help if you can;D ;D ;D

On the list:
Li Shuen - Flowers from your garden
Yan Li- Flowers from your garden
Rachel Ng- Pandan leaves

If you do have anything, please email me and bring to school on Thursday! ;D ;D
Friday, April 9, 2010
Homework ): @ 11:42 PM

Language Arts

Integrated Mathematics
-Lesson Notes PN1 Question 3
-ACE-Learning LG Quiz

-Chinese SIA
-Research on 超级市场手推车

-Practical 2

-Geography Assignment 2 due on Tuesday

-Schedule meeting with Ms Ong for IH SIA

-Email Art pictures to Jamie by Sunday, 8 pm
-Buy 紫韵筝情 tickets!!!
@ 7:54 AM

紫韵筝情 2010
Saturday, 15 May 2010
Matinee at 3pm
Evening at 7pm
Siew May Auditorium
How Much?
Matinee at $8
Evening at $10
Support me, Shin Yee and Hui Ting!!
Treat as a birthday present for me!!
Awesome songs for you!!
Chilling out after blocks/CSM/etc!!
Only once every 2 years, so hurry!! (:
Friday, April 2, 2010
homeworky issues @ 2:23 AM

Homework list for the long weekend!

Language Arts
1. Finish your Glogster if you haven't done so!
2. Revise for LA Block Test (coming Wednesday, 7 May)
3. Anti-Drug Essay, if you haven't already finished it
4. Commonwealth Essay
5. Send Mdm Oehlers your PowerPoint and script (she asked us to in class!)

1. Chinese SIA :D How fun!
2. Research on possible things that could go wrong with a tour guide
3. jian3 bao4 :(
4. Print out culture notes and study

1. Math SIA for those of you who have it

1. Assignment 3 (can start on it le!)
2. Chem SIA proposal
3. Bio Olympiad notes (for those in Science Olympiad)

1. Humanities SIA movie analysis
2. Source-based questions
3. Research for the boon-bane debate :D


1. Drama reflections
2. Home Econs sensory evaluation

Okay that's all! (I think)
Ying Tong