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Saturday, July 31, 2010
Poster Design @ 2:02 AM

Hey everyone!

I need your opinion on the poster design.

1. We hand-make the posters ourselves. If so, we'll have to start designing/ planning next Monday.


- creatively shaped/ sized posters


- time consuming
- diverse in a bad way (since different people will be doing them)
- may turn out ugly - photocopying etc.

2. We do computer design. I've already designed some, so I just need you guys to comment when I bring them on Monday. I did it on a Pages template, so the fonts are unknown but pretty and the shapes are un-microsoft. I bet no one knows what I mean.


- boring sizes


- quick (mass printing)
- able to share common theme

Please share your opinions! Posters are very important.
Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Today's Dance Practice!! :D @ 3:54 AM

Yay this is epic~ Uploaded on Youtube :D

-Han Yi
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hey guys! This is Fiona here to save our dying class blog -_-
Here's the video of you all dancing to the YOG song ("I came 2 party" - Space Cowboy and Cinema Bizarre)! Yes look out for yourselves haha :D
(Yes v. v. v. bad quality LIVE WITH IT :D)

Sunday, July 25, 2010
Food and Fun Fair 2010 :D @ 7:55 AM

The thing about the stall tee! :D

I've already emailed Cikgu Hanim and asked her whether we could have a "class stall tee", but she hasn't replied yet ):

Anyway, I've already gotten some suggestions to like make it a hoodie (which will be $$ and a little harder to find supplier) and have like our names + reg. number at the back. But the thing is this is a CLASS STALL TEE, advertising our stall: Bananana / Banana Box, not a CLASS TEE.
There's a difference, yes -nods head-

And some people (names not revealed) object to this cos it means paying money!! ): So maybe we can make it optional, ha ha.

Anyway here's some ideas. I roughly drew on Microsoft Word (yes so low tech, cos my com no photoshop -sad face- only my bro's com have). And also because I haven't heard from Cikgu. Btw, that round ovalish thing will be the banana (last pic)

It will be yellow :DFront
Font: [ank]*
quite plain eh

Fonts: Impact, Heartbreaker, Mia's Scribblings~
For advertising purposes, so people can stare and look when we walk around :D esp. for publicity people

The banana which is the round oval splotches.
I think this is tentative, because it's kawaii and I know of some people in our class who object to kawaiiness.
Like the publicity leader. Ahem.

So will wait for Cikgu's reply, then get class consent (+ Mr. Tan + Ms Ong?), then try to contact a supplier (Oren Sport? like the lsc tees which are not bad eh~)

And all this before 13 August.

Saturday, July 10, 2010
@ 11:27 PM

calendar updated!

cheryl and yi xin, 213 you!! :D
Thursday, July 1, 2010
WSC Results! @ 8:12 AM

Yay to Yan Li, Ying Tong, Li Shuen, Etsuko, Rachel Wu and Cheryl Yau!! :D


I found this on the Nanyang Home Page (: