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Calendar of Everything 213
8 December: Class Outing
19 December: Splendor in the Grass
25 December: Merry Christmas!
4 January: First Day of School

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
zzz @ 10:41 PM

Hello everybody! (I'm not Han Yi, for a change.)

Just wanted to promote my new business!

Here goes.

Want to play your favorite pop song on the piano? Can't find the sheet music online? Worry no more! All you need to do is tell me the title of the song, any special conditions you have, and your score will be ready in a day*! And the best part - services are free** for anyone from two thirteen!

Instrumental versions of any pop song you request*** are also available. Just tell me the instruments you want included (standard instruments are piano, bass, guitar and drums).

Alternatively, medleys by famous pop artists can be requested for, which will be completed in about a few days to a week.

This is a non-profit service. Well, for now.

* or two (maybe three)
** unless you happen to have offended me
*** except Korean songs (don't look at me like that, Rachel Wu)

P.S. You should know who I am.


Okay I'm utterly bored.

Time flies past like a swallow in the sky
How soon, it seems, we've to say goodbye
It definitely will be tearful and tough
Releasing so soon, when it just isn't enough
Togetherness - an idea, a goal we shared
Eventually, though, we have to be prepared
Even when a dozen years fly past
Never forget our awesome class
Ends do come, but before we depart
Remember us always, deep down in your heart

Remember, that once upon a time,
You were looked upon,
Regarded as,
Known as,
Seen as...

A thirteener.

It's a bit weird at some parts cos I kinda did it in 5 minutes :\

-Han Yi
Monday, August 30, 2010
Survey Results... so far. @ 3:21 AM

Hi guys! I suppose most of you have done, or at least seen the class tee 2 survey thingy already (: And here's the statistics so far... :D

Viewed: 22
Started: 20
Completed: 16
Drop Outs (after completing): 4

Question 1
Second class tee?
Yes: 15 (100.00%)
No: 0 (0.00%)

Question 2
Let's say you don't want a class tee. Would you mind if everyone else in class gets a class tee while you and the other people who disagree to getting a class tee don't?
Yes: 4 (33.33%)
No: 8 (66.67%)

Question 3
Dry-fit or cotton?
Dry-fit: 8 (53.33%)
Cotton: 7 (46.67%)

Question 4
Short-sleeved: 13 (86.67%)
No: 2 (13.33)

Question 5
Yes: 10 (66.67%)
No: 5 (33.33%)
We may have to "omit" this question (omg sound like test paper O:) cos apparently the council elects say they need to have collared shirts so don't need to tuck in... :D

Question 6
Black: 2 (13.33%)
White: 3 (20.00%)
Yellow: 3 (20.00%)
Blue: 3 (20.00%)
Grey: 1 (6.67%)
Brown: 1 (6.67%)
Pink: 1 (6.67%)
Other: 1 (6.67%) this person indicated any colour (:

Question 7
Yes: 9 (64.29%)
No: 5 (35.71%)

Comments Include:
Person A
  • collared so don't need to tuck into skirt (school rule)
  • name could be on sleeves
  • fine with blue/grey/red/black
Person B
  • neutral about everything
Person C
  • can be like just a thirteen tee (i.e. remembering thirteen)
Person D
  • collared shirt, with slits
  • look more cool and professional
Person E
  • like both white and black
  • hoodie!
Person F
  • should include everyone's name inside, so that we can remember
  • fine with any colour
  • don't want black, too common
  • don't mind if there's hood
Person G
  • simple but nice
  • skip cheesy taglines, go for minimalism
  • yellow's a good colour
As of Monday, 30 August 2010, 6.37 pm according to Han Yi's laptop clock

PS. By your comments, I can totally guess who you are!! :D
Saturday, August 28, 2010
random @ 4:14 AM

Feeling bored? Too relaxed for your liking?

Well then, scroll down and take a look at the newly updated calendar of events!!

Stress guaranteed.
Monday, August 23, 2010
chalet! @ 8:00 AM

everybody loves a chalet :D


so will someone be kind enough to research? heh (:

downtown east is near to all those like "attractions", but they state:

"Not applicable for group bookings, and/or with other promotions, discounts or offers."

): Han Yi
Friday, August 13, 2010
Banana Box~ @ 7:03 AM

It's finally over! All our hard work has paid off!!! (I hope.)

Today was a tiring day. An exhausting day. A demanding day. A foot-aching day. A noisy day (my chances of getting deaf has just gone up by 30%). An oh-no-what-do-we-do-now-there-are-so-many-impatient-customers day. A shit-the-mike-went-out-again day. An omg-we-are-left-with-so-many-drinks day. A has-that-person-paid-yet day.

The list goes on and on. But to summarise it, it's been a great, awesome and undeniably fun day.

I promised the people who stayed back late till like 8.30, 9, that I would credit them here (: Because all of them (including me lar har) helped out with the mind-boggling, nerve-wrecking, stress-inducing task of cleaning up the SAC. Just to paint a picture, these tasks involved:
  • bringing down the streamers and glow sticks and cellophane paper from the ceilings (which Ting Ting and I slowly specialised in. a great task for me, given my ahem height.)
  • moping and cleaning the floor
  • putting the pillows back to where they belonged
  • moving the television and CD cupboard back into the small room, and trying not to get sensationalised in the process
  • clearing the litter on the floor
  • taking out the humongous, severely obese trash bags
  • packing the drinks and snacks
  • cleaning up when the ice box broke
  • wiping the whiteboard with extra force, because the markers used were permanent markers (the bolded portions in this sentence are especially for the people who wrote on the whiteboard without checking the type of marker)
  • enduring the life-shortening stink of the tar cleaner when Mr Tan sprayed that on the board so it would be easier to wipe
The list just goes on. And my soles hurt terribly )):

Anyway, thank you Hui Qi, thank you Hui Ting, thank you Yi Xin, thank you Han Yi (ahh that's me!! :D), thank you Li Shuen, thank you Xuan Li, thank you Ting Ting, thank you Rachel Ng, thank you Sabrina, thank you Sophia, thank you Rebecca, thank you Fiona, thank you Jia Chun, thank you Cheryl, and of course, thank you Mr. Tan.

We would like to especially thank the following people for really seriously sacrificing their time just to help out with the cleaning up: Hui Ting, Xuan Li, Rachel Ng, Sophia, Rebecca and Cheryl. Hui Ting actually had LOA due to YOG, but she stayed back to help out. Rebecca had to take public transport back home, at this late ulu hour, but she stayed back to help out. (To put it in a nice way, role model for all those people who decided to go home early because they didn't want to take the public transport home late at night. PS don't get mad at me, I'm just pointing out.) Xuan Li's, Rachel Ng's, Sophia's and Cheryl's parents had already come to pick them up, but they stayed back to help out.

And I end this longest post yet (I think.) by saying:

213 I ♥ You!!!

213, life would suck without you. I really can't bear to leave everyone next year.

PS. If I left anyone out, please tell me. I don't have a photographic memory, you know.

PPS. Did anyone take home/see my iPod charger wire in the SAC? Because I can't find it now, and I seriously remember bringing it to school )):

PPPS. The next thing to look forward to according to our calendar is culture test. Yay.

PPPPS. I absolutely demand a class chalet after EOYs. And another class tee. Because I love 213 just too much.