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Calendar of Everything 213
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4 January: First Day of School

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
@ 6:40 AM

Class Chalet @ 2:08 AM

So the final would be Downtown East Costa Sands Resort Family Suite from 23 Nov - 25 Nov (:

Price: $446

Price/pax: $20

People not going totally ): Hui Qi, Ying Ying (Sophia, Yi Xin? D:)

In-charge of BBQ: Rebecca! :D

Who wants to be in charge of entertainment and games ahahahaaaaa? :D

Please remember to pass $20 to Hui Qi by this week! and refer to pictures and more info about the family suite if you want to know! (:

Monday, September 20, 2010
@ 7:47 AM

So, 17 to 19 Nov?
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
@ 6:55 AM

hi huiting here!
yep i think that the family suite is good!
because the room is bigger(:
i know this is a useless post.
because i am just randoming haha.

adding on to huiting, i agree :D cus' the family suite has two rooms/is bigger but yet we will still have the experience of cramping together, ALL TOGETHER :DDD cus' its not THAT big. but the other one might be so cramped that it might feel uncomfortable? but, we can actually don't sleep and walk out to Pasir Ris park to see the sunrise <3 and just enjoy the breeze~ (PASIR RIS :D)
and one more thing, we have to decide soon as rooms are running out at an extraordinary rate -.-
and please take note that there will be costs for food too [BBQ!] i don't think overall will exceed $25 (: even if we take the $17 one :D and we need the consensus of the whole class... defeats the purpose if half the class is not going ):

that's all, xoxo, cheryl.

Class Chalet :D @ 5:39 AM

I have realised that instead of bombarding the tagboard i shall just post here :D

Here are the 3D2N packages for DTE Costa Sands Resorts that are suitable (: Prices are with NTUC membership card which I think most of our parents will have :D

Deluxe Plus Room ($348)
Located on the ground floor to offer our guests accessibility to the BBQ area, these rooms offer coffee and tea making facilities and an LCD television set. Other features include:
- Full air-conditioning
- Twin beds with 2 pull-out beds
- Attached bathroom
- Wardrobe
- LCD Television set with DVD player
- Refrigerator
- Coffee & Tea making facilities
- Hot Water Flask
- Towels
- Free Wi-Fi access

Family Suite ($448)
Suitable for groups comprising parents and their children or extended family, these studios come equipped with:
- Full air-conditioning
- Living Hall with dining area
- Connected bedroom with 2 Queen-sized beds
- 2 Attached bathrooms
- Wardrobes
- 2 LCD Television Sets with DVD player
- Refrigerator
- Coffee & Tea making facilities
- Towels
- Free Wi-Fi access

So what do you guys think? (:

Love, cheryl

@ 5:22 AM

This is the package Cheryl was talking about!! :D

click to enlarge tq.

-Han Yi
^^ @ 12:49 AM

sigh eoys are coming -cue groan- D:

and then it will be the real end of the year!

so we should decide on class chalet quickly!! :D

Can we like all post/tag which days we are free?

I am actually very chao free lor. I am free from 12 November to...

You know what. Let's just put it this way. I am free for the entire December holidays, apart from Sabbatical days and 29-30 December. And my potential guzheng examination dates DD:

I think Downtown East will be fun!! (:

Cos we can go like Wild Wild Wet/Escape Theme Park... AND BARBECUE! :D But I think if a lot of people going to stay overnight, then need to book quite a few rooms eh. Cos the Downtown East rooms are teeny. Some rooms have doors connecting to other rooms :D

-Han Yi
Monday, September 13, 2010
chalet :D @ 7:57 AM

Hey guys, I just realised today that you know, school's gonna end really soon, so that means our last few days as a class together!

And anyway, we really have to hurry if we want class chalet, cos I'm sure all of us have like different activities during the December hols.

So far, there isn't really any resort in Singapore that can accomodate like so many people, so I guess some of us will have to bring / ask for mattresses or something.

Anyway, I was cycling at East Coast Park the other day, and then I saw these chalets that looked quite big, see if it's possible:

There are two stories! And certain of the chalet types they offer have these like large ground floor areas besides the top stories which have the beds, so you can lay out mattresses or something, idk.

Anyway, class chalet!! :D

And we can cycle / play sand / chamwore / eat at Mcdonalds at East Coast Park and whatnot! :D And we can always take bus to Downtown East or something, okay :D

-Han Yi
Wednesday, September 8, 2010
listen to this! @ 4:35 AM

Hey everyone. Watch this!

Land of Hope and Glory

Monday, September 6, 2010
ACTIVITY!! @ 9:31 AM

Hey 213!

Feeling stressed over so much homework? Don't exert yourself too much, kay! Here's a "stress-relief" activity you can do!

There are 25 cartoons below, and all you have to do is identify who is who!! :D So fun right!! (PS I drew everything myself) And you can also try to spot which one is you!! :D (they are all jumbled up, so no hope even if you memorised our register numbers, which I did :D)

Some are really obvious, but others er... not so. Cos I was out of inspiration on how to draw, and it just didn't come out right. Some of you arh, took me very long to draw eh!!

I will post the answers on Wednesday!! (: ANSWERS REVEALED!!! How many did you get correct?

Anyway, have fun!!

Number 1- Rebecca

Number 2 - Sophia

Number 3 - Fiona

Number 4 - Hui Ting

Number 5 - Etsuko

Number 6 - Ying Ying

Number 7 - Hui Qi

Number 8 - Sabrina

Number 9 - Kellynn

Number 10 - Jamie

Number 11 - Michelle

Number 12 - Ying Tong

Number 13 - Nicole

Number 14 - Yi Xin

Number 15 - Shin Yee

Number 16 - Han Yi (those of you with fb should seriously get this correct!!)

Number 17 - Li Shuen

Number 18 - Jia Chun

Number 19 - Rachel Wu

Number 20 - Rachel Ng

Number 21 - Cheryl Yau

Number 22 - Xuan Li

Number 23 - Yan Li

Number 24 - Dorcas

Number 25 - Ting Ting

-Han Yi
Topics; continued @ 7:22 AM

The magnanimous Cheryl is here :D to post the history + geog topics for all those people who have been sleeping in class! tsk tsk!


1. Colonialism
- Reasons for western colonisation of SEA countries
- Reasons for finding of a third port

OH WAIT! YOU KNOW WHAT! WE HAVE THE HISTORY CONTENT PAGE! which tells us all the topic xD go look there people! xD

now, geography!

1. Tectonic plates [this seem so long ago o.o]
2. Rocks
3. Weathering and Erosion
4. Rivers
- Hydrological Cycle
- Long Profile
- Erosion and Transportation processes
5. Weather and Climate
6. Natural Vegetation
7. Map skills :D
Friday, September 3, 2010
Topics @ 4:43 AM

At Li Shuen's request, and because I'm so organised :D I shall post the list of Science and Math topics xD

1. Electricity
- Electric Current
- Potential Difference
- Resistance
- Series and Parallel Circuits
- Electric Power
- Electrical Safety

2. Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, Force (I don't know how to title this topic -.-)
- Newton's Laws of Motion

3. Work Done and Power
- Kinetic energy
- Gravitational Potential Energy

1. Chemical Bonding
- Ionic bonding
- Covalent Bonding

2. Structure of ionic and covalent compounds

3. Chemical Formulas

4. Acids and Bases

5. Chemical Equations


1. Ecology
- Biosphere
- Pyramids
- Biological Magnification

2. Sexual Reproduction in humans
- Reproductive system in males and females
- Menstrual Cycle
- Fertilisation and Implantation
- Development of embryo
- Contraceptive methods
- Sexually Transmitted Disease (BEWARE!)

3. Inheritence
- nucleotides, DNA, genes, alleles, chromosomes
- homozygous and heterozygous
- variation
- genetic diagrams and genetic crosses
- ABO blood type

Mathematics! (<3)
1. Quadratic Equations
2. Algebra Manipulation
3. Simultaneous Equations
4. Linear Graphs
5. Quadratic Graphs
6. Proportion
7. Pythagoras' Theorem
8. Trigonometry
9. Congruency and Similarity
10. Indices
11. Standard Form
12. Linear Inequalities
13. Remember your sec 1 work! That's your foundation!

o.o this took almost half an hour -.- anyway, jiayous everyone! hope this helps (: For the complete list of homework, please scroll down xD Credits to Xuannie and Marshie <3 style=";">

Love, Cheryl

Thursday, September 2, 2010
September Sorelidays Homework! @ 10:43 PM

Eh look alliteration O:

Language Arts

  • Speech on Social Issue
  • 2009 Essay
  • 2008 Essay
  • 2007 Essay
  • 2006 Essay
  • Unseen Prose (3 sets)*
  • Unseen Poem (3 sets)**
  • Reading Comprehension (3 sets)***
  • LA Filing (if you haven't)
  • LA BT2 Error Analysis (if you haven't)

Integrated Mathematics

  • 2009 Papers 1, 2
  • 2008 Papers 1, 2
  • WS LN1 (if you haven't)


  • SIA Book Logs / Reviews
  • SIA Presentation

Science (Biology)

  • 2010 BT1
  • 2010 BT2
  • 2009 BT1
  • 2009 BT2
  • 2009 BT3


  • History Reflections on Maria Hertogh****
  • History SBQ
  • History Essay Questions


  • Workbook pages 65-74, 97

Others (in order of urgency)

  • Drama Presentation: due T4 Wk 1 Tuesday
  • Art Surrealism Box Project: due T4 Wk 1 Wednesday
  • Culture Group Project: due T4 Wk 2 Monday


*Unseen Proses start with...

  1. "Our mistress likes to think of herself as the hostess..."
  2. "The week after was one of the busiest weeks of their lives..."
  3. "She did not hear the story as many women have heard the same..."

**Unseen Poems start with...

  1. Love in the Classroom "Afternoon. Across the garden, in Green Hall..."
  2. Of Mothers I Think Particularly "Of mothers I think particularly..."
  3. First Lesson "Lie back daughter, let your head..."

***Reading Comprehensions start with...

  1. "Africa is terra incognita for many..."
  2. "Many of us are not cool..."
  3. "Chris doesn't consider himself a cheater..."

****History Reflections on Maria Hertogh question:

To what extent was the Maria Hertogh Riots caused by British insensitivity towards the Muslims when handling the case? (found in ppt notes)

Important Dates during the Holidays Sorelidays to Take Note

  • Wednesday, 8 September: History Lesson 9.30-11.30
  • Whenever your Biology Consultation is
  • Whenever your meeting up for Drama is

Okay I think that's it! :)

Bonne vacances!

-Han Yi

Homework! @ 6:32 AM


At Yi Xin's request I am posting homework! Haha :)

- LA SIA Speech (Assessment: T4W1)
- LA filing (if you haven't)
- LA BT2 error analysis (if you haven't)

- Prepare for SIA presentation (Assessment: T4W1)
- Book list (if you haven't)

IM: NOTHING! Yay Mdm Lee is so good. Don't you just love Math? I know I do! 8D

- AS 3.1
- There's some optional Bio supplementary during Sept hols, check with Hui Ting for details!
- Read notes and understand! Sabrina and I have a surprise coming up so look out for it! :D

- Maria Hertogh thing (someone edit and type out the actual question thnkzz)
- SBQ Practice (if you haven't)

Workbook pages:
- 47 - 54
- 65 - 74
- 97

- DRAMA (Assessment: T4W1)
- Google site
- Flash Assignment (if you haven't) (or am I the only one who hasn't completed it yet. -.-)
- MUG!! :OO
- Clean up your desktop! Arrange your files! Organise your documents! Especially certain people x) Yay gogogo spend half an hour organising your files, folders, documents and homework and you will be glad you did! Yay! :)

And there you go! Looking forward to the holidays?

xuannie :D