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19 December: Splendor in the Grass
25 December: Merry Christmas!
4 January: First Day of School

Friday, December 30, 2011
Hello 213 friends :) @ 5:22 PM


I'm not sure if anyone still reads this blog, but this is just to say that I really really miss being in 213 :( New Year's Eve somehow gets me very nostalgic, and I can still remember what fun it was to be in this class :D

How has Sec 3 been for you guys? It's been very boring for me.

I can still remember your register numbers!

1. Shin Yee
2. Nicole
3. Yan Li
4. Hui Qi
5. Jamie
6. Hui Ting
7. Yi Xin
8. Han Yi
9. Ying Tong
10. Ying Ying
11. Li Shuen
12. Xuan Li
13. Ting Ting
14. Etsuko
15. Michelle
16. Rachel Ng
17. Kellynn
18. Rachel Wu
19. Sabrina
20. Sophia
21. Rebecca
22. Dorcas
23. Fiona
24. Jia Chun
25. Cheryl

Haha! My memory is usually sucky, so this proves that 213 was an unforgettable class! I really hope someone sees this and replies :D Happy New Year, guys!

Ying Tong